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tv   11 News Saturday Morning  NBC  March 26, 2011 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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georgia, mississippi, alabama, into missouri and arkansas. that is rain. further north, it is no. that is the next system. it will pass mostly to ourselves, but called the -- close enough. we might catch a little bit of snow. how much is a little? we will talk about that. >> thank you. you can track storms using our interactive radar. just go to our web site, >> attacked by a man sworn to protect him. we are hearing from the alleged victim of baltimore county's fop president. >> cole weston remains on the job, and no charges have been charged despite the fact that he allegedly punched a driver and pointed a gun.
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sheldon dutes has more. >> it was business as usual for housing to posh -- 4 hosseim taranpisheh. >> he came into my car. my passenger is coming, too. >> cole weston, president of the county's police union, appeared to be a grit. >> my customer set what is going on? >> according to the police report, cole weston cursed at her son's turn the ship. -- hosseim taranpisheh it. >> he pointed a gun to my face. i almost pissed my pants. i was very scared. >> at least two people called 911.
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cole weston's police powers have not been suspended. criminal charges need to be filed. cole weston denied wrongdoing, but hosseim taranpisheh said he is shocked that >> is very funny for me. police acting like that? you can not see anywhere where eight policemen acts like that. >> a harford county state office will handle investigation. sheldon dutes, wbal tv 11 years. >> we have adopted on corruption in the government cared well jack johnson faces a host of federal charges, his wife is charged with destroying a $100,000 check. she tore up the check after fbi agents showed up at their house. when sleet -- leslie johnson is
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facing charges of conspiracy and evidence tampering. >> state leaders are tapping the brakes on health care reform in maryland. lawmakers are looking at creating a framework necessary to expand coverage, but no changes will be allowed without general assembly approval. david collins has more. >> the spider web of bureaucracy -- this is what health-care looks like in its unbridled form. the chart is a house republican creation. the point is not lost on those seeking to establish the expansion. both the house and senate versions of the health benefit exchange act has been changed. >> this bill, as i understand it, as amended, slows things down quite a bit because it turns the bill basically into a study. >> for anything that can be
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initiated or enacted, it has to come back to the governor, the general assembly, and we need to pass legislation to move forward. >> it is more than just the study. the legislation establishes the framework of health benefit exchange act and creates a board of trustees. issues will be studied. the first recommendations are due december 23. since the beginning of the session, the mantra has been to slow down. >> take a deep breath of in the state of maryland dental other things ironic figure out. >> the gop offered an alternative plan. >> the principals include medical malpractice reform, the expansion of electronic health records -- transparency in the process for the implementation. >> the governor's bill still establishes the government's, structure, and funding by 2014, with goals including reducing
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the number of uninsured, facilitating the purchase and sale of qualified health plans to cost sharing options. a nine-member board of trustees will oversee the program, but cannot act on its own recommendations without enabling legislation. gop members are seeking to protect funds that go into the exchange. >> make it into a non-profit, outside of the government bureaucracy. if it is inside, how do we protect it short of a constitutional amendment? >> there might be other changes in the works. discussions are under way. they want to turn this independent units into a non- profit to protect funds from being raided. >> also, lawmakers are close to passing the bill that would end the discrimination of dogs when it comes to dining out. >> bruce dorsey, owner of
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federal hill's metropolitan restaurant has been unintentionally violated health laws by allowing customers to dine with their dogs and outdoors. >> i was completely unaware. >> a bill moving swiftly through annapolis would make lead in -- legal what apparently is pretty common. >> many of the arrested a -- for breast runs allow the dogs as long as we keep them on a leash. >> it is a long time coming. >> while it is rarely enforced, maryland bands dogs except for service dogs. >> i think it is a good thing, because they can come along, and hanged on the sidewalk. >> some people say it is gross to be eating next to somebody else's dog. >> have they been to france? >> dining with your dog outside its legal, but the vast majority of states ban it. >> the problem is how well they
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contain? you do not need them eating off of the plate or disrupted other people. >> the maryland health department no longer has an issue with reversing the ban, and if the governor agrees, the four-legged member of the family would be happy to know he has a seat at the table, or at least right next to it. >> governor martin o'malley says he strongly supports the idea of merging the university of maryland college park and the university of maryland of baltimore, which houses the medical school. a proposal to study a merger could be. out and it has been included in senate budget language. -- could be brought out, and it has been acquitted in said bud -- budget language peppered >> baltimore is set to open a new school.
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is called the baltimore design school, and it is a place to develop creative talent. >> the baltimore design school will start out in the old winston middle school building in northeast baltimore, but it will not stay there for long. there are plans to move the program to the city station north art district. the maryland institute college of art, mica, is a partner. its president says it is overdue. >> evidence shows that over the last 20 years is the amount of creativity kids graduate with is dropping. as we get into teaching basics, without teaching kids how to problem solving, with all but in a creed of solutions -- we're really not helping ourselves. >> the school is in part the vision of baltimore senator catherine pugh. >> young people are interested
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in these careers. fashion, car design, all of these kinds of things. it really provides the opportunity for children to be creative. >> students said micah have agreed to work alongside the future designers. >> we see mica as not the operator, but the mentor. we have three of our faculty of the board, and we are very engaged, committed. our education department is excited. >> the school open this fall. students attend by way of a lottery system, and there are still slots available for seventh graders. tim tooten, wbal tv 11 years. >> our state school superintendent will be our guest
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tomorrow morning. if you have a question, go ahead and send it in. it is 33 degrees on television tell -- hill. the one a chance to win big with the maryland lottery? today is a lucky day. >> it is spring. some of the animals out of hibernation are at the aquarium. we will have that coming up. >> an approaching storm and cold temperatures -- a combination
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♪ ♪ are you having any joy? ♪ ♪ what you getting out of living? ♪ ♪ what good is what you've got if you're not having any joy? ♪ ♪ ♪ are you having any laughs? ♪ are you getting any lovin'? ♪ if other people do, so can you ♪ ♪ have a little joy [ female announcer ] how does your next week look? why not get away on a cruise from baltimore? book today at >> now, your insta-weather-plus forecast with meteorologist john collins current >> we have sunshine this morning. it is on the chilly side. a big area of high pressure reaches from the great lakes, up into canada, and then comes down
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to the chesapeake bay. it gives us this nice weather. it will also reflect the storm uc to the south in to the dakotas, and the gulf coast states. that will be pushed to the south, but not far enough that it will miss us. that is the key. the high pressure is also cold there. we will be on the bottom side of the cold air and the topside of the storm tonight and tomorrow, and the combination could mean some accumulating snow. at the airport, the temperature is 34 degrees. the sunshine is the dominant thing. humidity is down. barometer is up. the north wind is at 7. no wins will start off light and -- the wind will start off light and northeasterly. a sampling of temperatures --
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college park is 36. the same with annapolis and cambridge. chestertown is 33. elkton is on the freezing point. 34 in frederick. still 19 in oakland, in far, western maryland. here is the high -- the bubble of cold air pushing around baltimore. here, we see the clouds covering most of virginia and also west virginia. as we pull back the view a little bit, we will show you the storm, kind of riding along the bottom of this high pressure. we see this band of clouds and a front stretching from texas eastward, across mississippi, alabama, and georgia. the storm is developing along the front and will be moving along the front tonight and tomorrow. we will be on the north edge, with a high pressure holding to the south. we will be close enough, and
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cold enough that any moisture might produce snow. or forecast today, sunshine, but eventually we pickup clouds. a little cold. 42-47. a northwest wind is at 5-7 miles per hour. by 3:00 in the morning, we see the storm in the south. we see a cluster of snow coming away. late tonight, and tomorrow morning, we might get a little bit of snow before things moved out of the picture in the afternoon. there are advisories' out for snow to our southwest. 29-35 is the overnight low. advisories' cover virginia and west virginia. how much snow? about 1 inch in baltimore. 1 inch just to our south, including annapolis and washington 3-5 inches as it gets
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down into the mountains. here's insta-weather-plus forecast. 38 tomorrow, with the snow chance concentrated in the morning and early afternoon. monday and tuesday are dry. 40's 4 highs. >> it is a set of tests -- that has people talking at the bit. >> not only can you find amazing deals, but half of the proceeds go to charity. >> there are deals colo or behind the doors of the ammonium square shopping plaza. it is the 10th annual junior league of baltimore bluetick warehouse sale. >> 50%, 70% off of designer fashions. >> over 35 boutiques are contributing. >> you could find anything from
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a bridesmaid dress to a pajama. >> getting married? there are over 100 wedding dresses. over 200 evening gowns for half off of the retail price. looking for a summer dress? there are all kinds to choose from. >> the shares are on separate >> 50% of the proceeds go to the retailers, and the other half goes to junior league charities. >> we have a program called kids in the kitchen, and we are rolling out a curriculum. >> the junior league provides leadership trading for women -- training for women. this sale is a huge fund raiser. good fines go fast. >> it has become a following.
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people watch out for it every year. they come ready to shop. >> they have household goods like candles. if you are looking to spend, for the high-end stuff, you will look for a lot more. these are designer labels. >> do not bring your change purse. >> you got it. >> you will need a lot of money if you plan on shopping, in maryland lottery is here with ways to win big. >> outback steakhouse is showing us what we can do to support our troops. we are taking your pet questions.
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>> of comeback. -- ween't erica palmisano have erica palmisano of the maryland lottery. let's get to the mega millions. >> one person one. >> in new york,? >> we had a second-tier ticket sold in riverdale, prince george's county. somebody is two hundred $50,000 richer. >> not cost. we are here with multiple ways
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you can win. >> we have a $1 ticket. it still has five top prizes 15% of the tickets are remaining. >> it is higher than the normal price. >> it is. >> great golden eights. >> it is a new ticket. there are six $10,000 top prize is left. it is a two dollars ticket. >> double play. >> this is a great ticket. there are two ways to win. you could win $50,000. on the back, you can wind up to $50 in cash, and then we have a second chance contest. you can win a trip to fenway park with the baltimore orioles.
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check that out. >> specified dollar ticket, with three ways to win. -- that is $85 ticket with three ways to win. >> -- a $5 a ticket with three ways to win. >> living lucky? >> this is huge. >> your a.b.s. go way up? >> huawei op. there is a second chance prize. you could win $10,000. the final price is $100,000. the next prize will be given away on may 12. >> the cost of this ticket is $10. >> $10, but again, two top prizes left. >> the -- the next one is
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unique. >> it reminds me of an american express black. . -- card. >> the cost is $20. >> there are 3 $1 million top prizes and a plethora of other prizes. >> mega millions is not an option now, but power ball? >> power ball is $63.7 million in cash. that drawing is tonight on wbal. >> thank you for coming in. do not go away. we have answers to your. >> -- to your pet when we come back, but first we will show you some of the events going on around town.
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hundreds more in your wallet year after year. feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today. >> live from television hill in baltimore, wbal-tv 11 news continues. >> welcome back. we are here to answer your pet questions with a very excited little dog. >> this is duke. we are all over the place. we are very happy. >> you say duke and i think of john wayne.
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this is not a jon irwin type of dog. >> no. we have questions. the first one involves cat. what attracts cats to icy hot, and is it dangerous? >> i did not know what the ingredients are. it might be a situation where just the topical medication, or the warmth is making things different, so they are more apt to go after it. not knowing what the active ingredients are, i would be hesitant to let them lick off of you. it is supposed to hit up if you are sore, and decrease
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inflammation, but i do not know what the active ingredients are. >> a little bit of caution. maybe bring a bottle to the veterinarian? >> or call them with the active ingredient. hasight two-year-old cat dandruff. are there any suggestions? >> that is one of the bigger cats. not like last week, when i was looking at something that was way over white, that could get up there are relatively easily. as for dandruff, fish oils worked very well. you need to be careful because they could loosen the stools. other things, brushing, choline,
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there are some shampoos if the cat will put up with it. those are other options. >> allergies? >> it depends on if they are doing a little teaching. dandruff could be perfectly normal. once it gets to spring, that will cut down. it will drop down. >> thank you for joining us. >> any time. we'll be back with more in just a few minutes. stick around.
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>> live, local, late breaking, this is wbal to the 11 news saturday morning. >> thank you for joining us. >> let's take another look outside with john collins. >> it is a little chilly this morning. in march you could still get snow, and in april you could still get snow. i am leading up to something. we have a storm coming in. the cold air might interact a little bit. right now, the snow in is in nebraska. there is rain in tennessee and
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the gulf coast states. all of that is moving east. you'll see how that comes together. once we get past the disturbance, which will be in good shape, and might see a warming trend. details coming up in a few minutes. >> remember, you can track storms using our interactive radar. just go to our web site, in japan, work is under way to inject fresh water into one of the damaged reactor's at the troubled nuclear power plant. there are concerns that it could be problematic, as officials say sea water is showing high levels of radioactivity. the government is advising people within 20 miles of the plant to stay indoors, and people living within 12 miles have been ordered to leave. president obama is planning a
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speech to the nation that will cover the path ahead and his rationale about the inappropriate use of force in libya. he will respond to criticism from lawmakers who say they should have been consulted in events. -- in advance. >> after an all-night standoff with police, if the suspect in a shooting of two georgia police officers has surrendered. he came out of the house in athens, ga., and reportedly told police that he would only surrender if it was covered live on television. he held eight people at gunpoint. police have been searching for him after he shot two police officers. the mayor, of a suburban philadelphia town is dead after a skydiving accident. he was killed when his main parachute failed to open.
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he was the mayor of the borough of brooklyn bridge, pa., which is about 10 miles west of philadelphia. >> pre-term labor could be scary for expecting mother. ahead, the details on a drug that could prevent pre-term labor. >> spring has sprung, and some of our favorite reptiles are out of hibernation and in our studio. the national aquarium joins us. >> a storm is
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>> winter will not let go in maryland, and also in the sierra.
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some parts of a higher elevation of around like tom hall saw off and have of new snow. the storm this had to maryland. we will not see anything like that, right? >> not that much. something like it, yes. i do not think you will need a snow blower. snow is in the forecast. because we have cold temperatures. high temperature is over the great lakes. the air is coming out of canada. that has kept us on unseasonably cold. our daytime highs are 10-15 degrees below what we would normally get. what you see out west, one that moves far enough east, it will move into this cold air, and we could see a little bit of snow. it will not be a major storm. let's look at the current situation. we have plenty of sunshine.
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clouds are to the south of us. 34 degrees unbeatable why marshall airport. the typical low is 36 or 37 degrees. we are starting out below average. 47% the humidity. the barometer is rising as high pressure reaches down from canada. the wind is generally northerly, and tonight, they will become northeasterly. it is 36 in annapolis, cambridge, and houston. elkton is at 32. parton is up to 30. still 19 out of oakland in far western maryland. here is the cold air. you can see the dryness in the area pushing the cloud cover to the south of us in this
9:40 am
satellite image. that will be the case eventually, as the storm becomes more active, it will start kicking off a few clouds closer to was -- a few clouds closer to us. there will be a battle between the high pressure of the storm tried to push north. we will the in between. we will probably pick up some precipitation. partly cloudy today. 42-47 for the high. northwest winds are at 5 miles per hour. the storm develops to the south. overnight, the first of the snow will come in. we are on the north edge. it will be a close call. areas to the south of central the jinnah are a better target. -- virginia are a better target, which is an early morning, early afternoon event on sunday.
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today looks fine. advisories' are out for the mountains of virginia and west virginia. how much snow? trace amounts around baltimore. an inch to the south of us, of washington, annapolis, and in virginia and west virginia, 3-5 inches of snow is a possibility. 45 to date. 38 for the high. -- today. 38 for the high. we drive out for monday and tuesday. by wednesday, all rain chance, with temperatures in the 50's. >> even though the rate of premature births has decreased slightly, it is still a problem in maryland and a huge issue in baltimore city. there is a drug that could prevent pre-term labor that has been used for years, but now
9:42 am
that it has been fda-approved, the cost to skyrocketing. here is donna hamilton. >> 26-year old is pregnant. her first present the pregnancy and in a miscarriage. this time has been different. >> on the second pregnancy, i have to be on complete digressed. this time i am not. >> she gets a stitch on her cervix. mercy medical center doctor says the same truck is fda a -- drug is fda-approved. >> there are more stringent regulations. every time you get the medicine, it should be the exact same.
9:43 am
>> the problem is the new price. from around $20 an injection, to $1,500. >> the doctor calls it a huge access to care problem. >> we recommend starting it at 16 weeks up until 36 weeks. that is 20 injections. that is 35 -- that is $30,000. >> all she knows is that it has been important. the shot has made a huge difference. >> yes. >> no progress. >> -- bed rest. >> hopefully, she is expected to welcome another girl into her family. >> we are joined with more information. why this increase in price? >> basically, i think, because they can do it. ok? we have no control over that.
9:44 am
originally, it was compounded by pharmacies on an individual basis, and it was not very expensive, but it was difficult to find a pharmacy that would compound the drug. >> it gets fda approval, and it skyrockets. >> well, that is it. they have the patent. >> if you cannot afford that, what can you do? what alternative treatments are there? >> well the manufacturer is saying they will give some compassionate help with some people, but we do not know. >> you will have women that will enter into a and b in debt to pay it off. >> what will happen is that the major insurance carriers -- it is a question of what they will do. this could add a $30,000 expense
9:45 am
to a pregnancy, which will bankrupt a lot of insurers. >> is there an appeal on the way? >> the american college of 0 gb wide and is appealing, and i am sure there are other groups. >> the drug and was used one time is no longer available? >> no. that is not as effective. >> thank you. if you of any other questions, call 1-800-mdmercy. coming up, the national aquarium pays us a visit with a few friends, but first, last night's winning lottery numbers.
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x welcome back. spring is here. animals are coming out of hibernation. thank you for coming in. i had to apologize to my husband, he heard frogs, but it is true. they are out. >> frogs are a good way to tell us that the spring has arrived. we have heard the call coming from a lot of what lend the funds. >> it is made by these little guys? >> these are full adult size. >> where will we see these? >> they are throughout maryland. if there is a pond behind your home, it is amazing, they could
9:49 am
be as loud as a rock concert. >> there are so cute. >> they all come off of hibernation. they are calling the females. these are wood frog eggs. >> you got this from harford county? >> this is one female's spawn. she lays about 500-800 aids a year. they have to let a lot to it -- eggs a year. they have to lay a lot. >> these are not salamanders' you will find outside of your front door. >> this is a spotted salamanders, which is very common. sometimes, they will fall in the window wells. >> they like to, when they meet?
9:50 am
>> they only come out to the pond during the breeding season. then, we have a large salamander. >> the caller is just different. >> they are in the same family, but they're different species. the tiger salamander is found in a few places. >> they do not bite. >> a lot of people mistake salamanders for lizards. bizerte and the indians. -- these are amphibians. >> we have to move on to these other great forgs. >> this is a barking tree frog. the fraud was discovered in maryland in 1982. it was found in caroline county.
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>> he is adorable. now we need to show this guy. >> this is the mail. -- the mail. >> why you hold them, i want to talk about some of the great things going on that the aquarium. >> we are running an early bird special. if you purchase your tickets before the 11:00 a.m., you can save $5 pair of lettuce on our website. -- $5 on our website. >> thank you for coming
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>> welcome back. if you dine at outback steakhouse you'll get a great male, and a chance to help our troops. -- neil, and a chance to help our troops. going to demonstrate our outback steakhouse crabcakes. >> what is this campaign? >> outback steakhouse, for over 20 years, has been supporting our troops, and this is another avenue to help with those efforts. >> you couldn't tell us a little bit more as we seek -- you can tell us a little bit more as we see how you make your crabcakes. >> to me, they're special in two
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ways. there outback steakhouse style, and they support our troops. we have committed to donating $1 million to operation home front to the revenues generated from the special menu. >> tell us what he is doing? >> he is adding our fresh ingredients. we have fresh lemon, jalapenos, red pepper, green pepper, fresh garlic, chives, and jumbo lump crab meat cutter >> ok. what else is on the special menu? >> we have a lot of favorites as well as new dishes. we have our hearts of gold, which is absolutely delicious. we also have our sirloin. it is also available with prime rate. we have a delicious strawberry
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waffle shortcake, made with fresh strawberry sauce. >> how long will this be going on? >> it started february 23, and it will go once held april 5. >> good stuff. it also includes these drinks? >> you could have anything you like. it is all. together. >> that sounds great. those crab cakes are almost done. let's do a quick check of the weather. >> sunshine today. into tomorrow morning, snow showers with white accumulations. 45 today, 38 tomorrow. >> thank you for coming in. get to outback steakhouse, helped the true. >> absolutely. >> thank you for watching.
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>> this is a wbal tv 11 editorial. >> it does happen then albuquerque, miami, and now baltimore. a four-year-old kids his hand on a loaded gun and tragedy insist. statistics show the rate of firearm related death among children is 12 times higher in the united states than in other -- 25 other industrialized states combined. these make headlines. with guns in more than one-third
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of u.s. households, it is important to practiced gun safety. they should be out of sight, and out of the reach of children. there are federal state laws and guidance from support agencies on how to protect children. the real protection comes from families to keep firearms in their homes, making sure the guns are securely locked and unloaded. before your child goes to a friend's house, ask if guns are kept in the house. only parents should know the location of a lot fire aren't. these aren't -- fire arm. these are just a few tips. for more information, go to for more information, go to
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